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What is R.O.S.E.®

KPPK Ziviltechniker GmbH has been influencing the planning and construction process in cooperation with clients, architects and specialist engineers since 2005. Our goal is not just to create visions, but to implement efficient solutions for active climate protection. With tailor-made energy and climate concepts, we can respond individually to a wide variety of usage requirements and local conditions. In particular, the ecological and economic use of renewable energy such as solar energy, air thermal energy or geothermal energy is a key issue.

For this purpose, R.O.S.E.® was created to compare alternative energy sources with conventional thermal energy sources. R.O.S.E.® can determine the exact amortization times at the beginning of a project on the basis of the present value method.

Additional subsidies, energy price developments and interest rate developments are taken into account in order to make long-term statements. An additional feature allows the percentage of CO2 savings to be displayed based on characteristic values and to be considered in the calculation.
Many individual adjustments, such as a solar thermal and PV system, with or without battery storage, can be made and their parameters modified.

The graphical representation of the amortization makes it possible to describe all energy systems and amortization times in more detail. In this way, particularly at the beginning of the planning phase, it can be easily determined how fast an alternative energy system will amortize.

How R.O.S.E.® works

  1. Start calculation
  2. There are three calculation methods to choose from
  3. Choose a method and fill in the dates
  4. Energy prices can be adjusted
  5. Funding for the systems can be entered
  6. Preset values can also be used for calculation
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When will R.O.S.E.® help me

  • Early assessment of the energy systems and payback period.
  • Which energy system is most suitable for the building?
  • What are the approximate costs of the installation?
  • What are the costs over 20 years?
  • How much CO2 do I save?
  • Does a PV or solar thermal system make sense?
  • How do additional subsidies affect the system?
  • Graphical comparison of the systems and output as a PDF file.

How do I get access

Do you want to compare energy systems for a building? After you have requested access you will receive an email with the access data for the R.O.S.E.® Tool. You can log in directly and start the calculation.